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Questions about Classes

How do I sign up for class/events? All public classes/events are listed under the Event Tab. Click on the class you are interested in and enter your information to register.


When I RVSP to a class/events why am I sent to another site? In order to share my love of art with more people in our community and surrounding area, I partner with different organizations and venues to make it more accessible for people. Some of my partners do handle the registration process and all sites are safe to use


Is there a deadline in which I need to register for class? We would like you sign up as soon as possible to ensure your spot in class. Some classes require you to register at least 48 hours prior due to class preparations. However, when possible we want everyone to be able to join us. Contact us directly regarding late registration. Email us at


Is there a discount for groups? Yes, if you have a group of 5 or more, contact us for pricing. You may also consider hosting a private paint party for just you, your friends and family.


What do I need to bring with me? All of the painting supplies are provided. We also supply aprons to help protect your clothing. However, we recommend you wear clothes that won’t be ruined by paint accidents. You may also bring water or your beverage of choice. Lastly, if there is a material fee due for class bring that as well.


Can I bring alcoholic beverages? Alcohol is only permitted at certain events. Please refer to the event details.


Are the painting events only for adults? Most events are generally for ages 14+ However, younger children are welcome with an adult supervisor. Occasionally we do have family or kids painting events.


Do I need to know how to paint or have drawing experience? No, you will be walked through step by step. We also supply stencils or traceable you can use for certain paintings. You will learn tips and tricks along the way to help you along. We strive to make class enjoyable for beginners through advanced painters.


Where do you come up with the designs for classes? We license many of the designs we use for class. Most are available due to the gracious Cinnamon Cooney, the Art Sherpa. She created a program for businesses like Blue Violet that gives us the right to use her artwork as well as created a support system to guide is through the journey of sharing the love of art with you. You can check out her YouTube channel for more information.


Questions about Artist/Instructor Tiffany

How long have you been painting? I have always been a creative person. I enjoy may different art forms and creating unique craft projects. I really got into painting in 2016. I just dived right in and fell in love with painting with acrylics. Acrylics are just so versatile and easy to work with.


How long have to been teaching classes?

I have been teaching classes since the beginning of 2019.


Did you go to art school? I’m a self-taught artist. When I began my art journey, I really did think that I needed to attend school. I looked into the schools available, the tuition, and the possibilities that would present themselves if I were to work towards a degree. However, I decided to continue my own studies independently.


Where can I purchase your artwork?

You can purchase my artwork here on my website under the Shop tab. You may also find my art at Gallery 223 in Lake Geneva, WI.


Do you do commission work?

Yes, please contact me for further information regarding commission. Email me at


Private party class questions

Do I have to supply food or drinks? No, it is your decision to offer food or drinks to your guests. I would consider light appetizers and refreshments, but it is not required.

I only have a small space. Would I have room? A 4’ x 8’ folding table will comfortability fit 5 painters. For my set up I only need a small space roughly 4’ x 4’, you do not need to have a separate table set up for the instructor. I do have a folding table and chairs available if requested.


The room I would like to set up is carpeted. How do we protect the carpet? I have painters drop clothes that can be put down to protect flooring. Please notify us prior to your event.


Do you offer discounts to Nonprofit Organizations? Yes, discounts are considered on a case by case bases. Please contact me for further information, email at

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