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Here is the collection of paintings currently available for painting parties. We continue to add additional paintings please check back to see what’s new. If you have any new ideas for paintings, please let us know.


Pricing depends upon the artwork chosen and size of canvas. All pricing is listed by level. The length of the paint is based on the number of steps and the difficulty of the painting.


 New paint party artwork is added regularly. Do you have an idea for a paint party or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 


 I look forward to painting and making memories with you and your guests.

Sunset Level 1

Easy Sunset


Mama Bird Sunset

Baby's Breath in Mason Jar Level 1

Baby's Breath in Mason Jar

Wildflowers Q-Tip Level 1


Jellyfish Level 1


Lilacs in Mason Jar - Level 1

Lilacs in a Mason Jar


Tropical Waterfall Level 1


Autumn Tree w_ Waterfall Moon Level 1

Autumn Tree w/ Waterfall Moon

Great White Shark.jpeg

Great White Shark

Birch Trees Level 1

Birch Trees

Sunset Couple in Love Level 1

Sunset Couple in Love

Wave on Beach.jpeg

Wave on Beach

Paradise Sunset Level 1

Paradise Sunset

Baseball in Grass.jpeg

Baseball in Grass

Meditation Turtle.jpeg

Meditation Turtle

Dragonfly Pond.jpeg

Dragonfly Pond

Peacock Feather.jpeg

Peacock Feather

Raibow Willow Tree.jpeg

Rainbow Willow Tree

Dreamcatcher Level 2


Girl in Rain.jpeg

Girl in the Rain

Lone Pine Tree in Snow Level 2

Lone Pine Tree in Snow


Fall Pumpkin

Pouring Wine Heart - Level 2

Pouring Wine Heart


Fall Leaf

IMG_4150 (1).jpeg

Christmas Tree

Fairy Snow Tree.jpeg

Fairy Snow Tree

Whimsical Tree.jpeg

Whimsical Tree


Spring Daisies

Flurry Snowman.jpeg

Flurry Snowman

Simple Snowman.jpeg

Simple Snowman

Easy Heart - Chains of Love.jpeg

Easy Heart - Chains of Love

Golden Pine Tree.jpeg

Golden Pine Tree

Wisteria Willow Tree.jpeg

Wisteria Willow Tree


Creative Fall Tree


Tree Holding

the Sun

Rainbow Pot of Gold.jpeg

Rainbow Pot of Gold



IMG_5531 (1).jpeg

Fall Harvest

Dragonfly Pond.jpeg


IMG_5532 (1).jpeg


Bunny & Daffodils.jpeg

Bunny & Daffodils

IMG_5533 (1).jpeg

Birch Trees and Cardinals

Easter Truck.jpeg

Easter Truck

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