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Here at Blue Violet Inspiration we strive to bring a little more color to your life!

We want to share the joy art can bring to life, get people together, share an experience, and create memories.


Meet The Artist 

Tiffany Fisher

As a child born in McHenry, IL, I enjoyed all kinds of arts and crafts, from coloring to collage, jewelry making to ceramics, always creating something out of nothing. I inherited these traits from my mother, who was quite crafty herself. At one time I worked for a company that specializes in clocks and learning all there is to know about them, before I decided to leave the workforce to start a family. I currently reside in Burlington, WI with my husband and two children. I am a self-taught artist and I am continuously striving to learn more. In 2016 I fell in love with acrylics. I have a passion for the beauty in life and many of my pieces reflect that, being more landscape, animals, and nature. However, I am happy to be challenged with a new project outside of anything I have done before. It helps me to learn, expand, and grow as an artist. I welcome others to join me, as I take pleasure in teaching and sharing my knowledge. With much support from family and friends I decided to start my own business; Blue Violet Inspiration LLC, a place to sell the artwork I create and a mobile painting business to share my love of painting with others. I am beyond excited for the new adventures that art will bring.

My art expresses feelings. The beauty of the world motivates me.  I find inspiration in the places I have been, the experiences I have had, and the people I’m surround by. I enjoy painting landscapes and nature the most. However, I also enjoy creating art specifically for others, using their passion and ideas to inspire and challenge myself to create a piece that you can cherish. I am influenced by the beauty in life; Nature, Music, Stories, Friends, Family, and Travel. If it wasn’t for the joy, adventures, heartache, love, and memories we take with us, life would be colorless. Life is remarkably colorful! Life is what you choose to make of it. I choose a happy life, filled with family, friends, experiences, dreams, adventures, and art. I want people to feel or to live through my art. Whether it is just a piece that they like and hang in their home that makes them happy when they walk by or a piece they can relate to in some way that brings them back to a fond memory. I take pleasure in teaching art to others and sharing my knowledge. I love being able to bring people together, share an experience, bring back a memory. I become a part of their story and they become part of my art journey and life.


Make memories, be creative, stay inspired, keep living and loving art always!


- Tiffany

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